Health and Safety

Natural Steps is committed to achieving excellence in health and safety.

At Natural Steps we do everything possible to keep children and adults in our centre safe. We have clear policies and procedures for identifying and reducing hazards, for recording all injuries and illnesses that occur at this centre, and notifying parents.  



Smokefree Environment+

The Centre operates a smokefree workplace in accordance with the Smokefree Environments Amendment Act. This means that all areas are smokefree inside and outside at all times.

Sun Protection+

The sun protection policy will operate during the daylight saving months.  The Centre requires children to wear hats when outside. We have a strong “NO HATS NO PLAY” policy.  Parents are asked to apply sun block to their child ar the start of the day.  Teachers do apply sun block thoughtout the day.  This sunblock is provided by Natural Steps.  Any child requiring a special sunblock, parents please provide.


At Natural Steps we aim to provide opportunities for children and their families to make meaningful connections within the local and wider community. We incorporate regular outings, such as spontaneous local walks (Regular Outings) into the curriculum where they are relevant to the centre programme and can show educational benefit.  Permission is gained at enrolment.  Also children have access to Special Outings (trips on a bus) when they are relevant to the centre programme and can show educational benefit.  parent permission is required for each and every trip.

Hazards in the Centre+

We are committed to the prompt identification, reduction or elimination of potential and actual hazards. Our hazard identification information include medicines, poisons and cleaning agents, electrical appliances, water, layout, poisonous plants and excursions.  Monitoring of hazards is carried out daily, weekly, monthly and termly. All our staff induction made aware of the hazards in the centre induction and during staff meetings.

Emergency Response+

In the event of an emergency the safety and well-being of all children and adults are paramount.  Every school term Natural Steps practises fire drills and earthquake awareness.

Text Alets+

Dealing with natural or man-made disasters we have the facility to send an urgent text message to parents' phones.

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