Our Teachers

Our teachers are caring early childhood educators and undertake regular professional development to keep them abreast of emerging trends in our field. Meet our Teachers from our Albany Centre.


Vicki Pickles - Centre Manager
Hi I’m Vicki Pickles the Centre Manager for Natural Steps Albany and Director and a shareholder of Natural Steps ALBANY. I am married with 2 children. I was born in the U.K. and have lived in NZ for 15 years. I have over 20 years’ experience caring for young children and their families and I have my ECE Diploma from New Zealand and the U.K. I am very excited about this role as I am extremely passionate about the care and education that is given to our children. I believe that building relationships, being respectful and considerate with children and their families is fundamental to a child’s positive development.

Fay Te Waa - 2IC and Head Teacher Nursery
Kia Ora, my name is Fay Te Waa. I have been an Early Childhood Teacher for nearly 15 years. My passion lies with the babies, where I love to build relationships and to care and nurture the very precious wee people I have the privilege to be caring for. I am married and have 4 adult children and numerous mokopuna(grandchildren) I love to promote the idea of primary care and the REI philosophy, which is why I am part of the incredible team here at Natural Steps, Albany.

Anne McMillan - Head Teacher Preschool
Kia Ora, I have been working in ECE for over twenty years in various roles. I completed my Post-Graduate Diploma in ECE in 2011, and since then I have been working in various centres in Rotorua as Head Teacher and Centre Manager. I have also worked in the IT industry for many years as a Systems Architect and Company Director. In ECE my passion is to develop a sense of wonder and delight in the world through the outdoor environment and through the stories and myths of the many different cultures in the centres that I work in. I believe every child can develop a love for lifelong learning. I am married with two adult children

Sharon Liang - Head Teacher Toddler 2
Hi, I'm Sharon and I'm the Head Teacher of Toddler Two. I am married with 2 children. I have many years experience, hold a Bachelor in Teaching (ECE) and full teacher registration. Sharon 来自中国,能说流利普通话和广东话。她拥有新西兰幼儿教育学士学位并已经有五年多的幼教经验。